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YD101 TCGT16T304


Aluminium Inserts

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Product Description

Products Features 
●AK inserts are designed with a special chipbreaker. Large rake angle and clearance angle make the cutting edge sharper, ensuring easier cutting while remaining effective chip breaking.
●Uncoated cemented carbide grade is widely used for machining of non-ferrous metal, high remperature alloy, etc. It is economical and can be universally applied.
●Achieved the mirror rake face after special treatment. Reduced the friction resistence, and stick free. Accordingly, make the chip removal fluently and improve the surface quality and tool life.
●The G-class tolerance of insert, higher repeated position accuracy, at the same time, it can effectively avoid the vibration during the machining process. Class G precision, precision grinding of five-axis grinding machines.
●The large rake angle and the back corner make the blade edge sharper.
●Ensure effective chip breaking and make the cutting more brisk.
●Surface finish to effectively prevent built-up edge, high quality machined surface and long tool life.
●ISO N, including non-ferrous materials and soft metals with a hardness lower than HB130, including high-strength bronze (>HB225).