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Zhuzhou Xinhua cemented carbide Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989. The company from the date of establishment, with China's largest hard alloy production, scientific research and export base of Zhuzhou cemented carbide Group Co., Ltd. as the basis, the famous hard alloy production enterprises the advantages of products as a blank, processing, sales of hard alloy blades and tools, both efforts to implement the product the research and development capabilities, brand strategy, marketing based, or media operations are able to rate the first in the industry, has become the focus of attention. Please come together to explore the brand new concept and the highest quality!

The company strives to create a "unity, hard work, innovation, development" as the core content of the characteristics of corporate culture, and effectively enhance the centripetal force, cohesion and creativity.

Companies adhere to the "talent division, people-oriented" talent development strategy, based on the establishment of the "material motivation and spirit motivation, talent competition, talent development" four mechanism, and actively create a relaxed environment for talents development, and improve the talent to attract and retain qualified personnel own level.

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